Personal Property / Vehicle Taxes


Personal property tax notices are no longer sent out by the commissioners office to existing residents in January; however, city ordinance requires residents to notify our office within 30 days if they change their address or acquire or dispose of a vehicle.

The city treasurer sends out tax bills in September. All personal property tax payments are due by Oct 5.


The valuation method for motor vehicles with a model year of 20 years and older has been updated beginning in tax year 2019 to depreciate by percentage of cost with the year it was purchased, not depreciated based on the model year of the motor vehicle, as was done in prior years. This updated method reflects uniformity in the method used to assess all tangible personal property in the City, and more closely reflects Fair Market Value, which we have a responsibility to do through the Code of Virginia. 
2019 (2020 MODEL YR) 90% COST OR MSRP
2019 80% COST OR MSRP
2018 70%
2017 60%
2016 50%
2015 40%
2014 30%
2013 20%
2012 15%
2001 - 2011 10%
2000 & prior flat  $200 assessment



  • New residents or those registering a vehicle for the first time must file a personal property vehicle registration form within 30 days after purchase or entry into the city
  • For vehicles, the tax is based on the clean trade-in value as listed in the National Automobile Dealers Association Used Car Guide published in January of the current tax year
  • A vehicle is subject to tax if it is normally garaged or parked in the city, even if registered in another state
  • The current tax rate for personal property in Manassas City is $3.60 for each $100 of assessed value
  • Certain motor vehicles are exempt from the personal property tax
  • If you believe that your vehicle has been over-assessed, you can appeal the assessment
  • You can apply for a high-mileage deduction here