Ride Along Policy and Forms

Origins of the Ride Along
Two separate ride along policies, with forms, were approved by the Fire and Rescue Committee for the Fire and Rescue System within the City of Manassas. The first policy applies to citizens and observers, the second is for students. The purpose of each policy is to establish a standard for the City of Manassas Fire and Rescue Services for Citizen / Observer and/or Student Ride Along Program(s).

Program Types
  • The Citizen/Observer program is to provide the public the opportunity to observe the activities of Fire and Rescue Services to gain a better understanding of the duties and responsibilities for fire and EMS personnel.
  • The Student program is to provide EMS students the opportunity to observe field operations and perform skills as authorized by their level of instruction to satisfy clinical hours as outlined by the class curriculum.
Anyone wishing to participate in one of these programs must complete the applicant information contained within the appropriate policy, and a "Ride-Along Participation Agreement, Notice of Privacy Laws, Release of All Claims and Assumption of the Risk" forms. Both forms must be submitted to Fire and Rescue Department Headquarters for approval before any ride along will be permitted.