Welcome to the City of Manassas


City of Manassas BrandHistoric Heart. Modern Beat.

Every city has a different heartbeat. An underlying rhythm of life that sets the pace and defines the culture. Here in Manassas our heart beats across hallowed ground that once saw battle in this country’s defining war. It pulses through high tech boardrooms and classrooms. It is a life source for creative minds. And its strength is shared in the homes throughout this close-knit community. Like a drum that stimulates a solider into courage, the heartbeat here is inspiring. Uplifting. Constant. And it’s palpable in everything from business to pleasure. 

This independent city doesn’t exude a mass-market beat. Just outside DC, the rhythm of life here has a refreshing cadence all its own. It is at once authentic, diverse, eclectic, creative and inviting. The city is energized by the clattering railroad trestle and constant clip of commuters coming and going. Historic Downtown Manassas has a rhapsody of offerings, as business hums alongside one-of-a-kind shops, galleries and acclaimed restaurants. Fresh-faced professionals browse and dine in the time-loved buildings. 

Harris Pavilion

Manassas Museum in the snow

Museums are constantly a-buzz with must-see exhibits while history buffs come to tread across the legendary battlefields. The area is a gem for the cultural and culinary devout, offering heartfelt creativity in all forms. And the beat goes on at each change of the season with festivals of all kinds, attracting art-lovers, fun-lovers and music-lovers of every age.

The economy is amped up by the high tech employers along with big-thinking entrepreneurs who benefit from strong city support. Area colleges and universities infuse the city with a youthful vibe. And while the housing market grows more vibrant every day, it is surprisingly affordable. It’s no wonder this place is a magnet for young professionals. As a relaxing respite from high-stress city life, the heartbeat of this welcoming city is a healthy one. 

Train-going-by Some people venture to Manassas with an insatiable curiosity for the past. Others come for the friendly, forward-thinking lifestyle they can enjoy today. There are endless rational reasons to come to Manassas, but it’s the city’s distinctive heartbeat that has a gravitational pull for all who journey here.