Design and Construction Standards Manual (DCSM) Revisions

Overview and Mission

The mission of The Design and Construction Standards Revision Committee is to evaluate the performance of the Design and Constructions Manual (DCSM) for achieving City goals. The Committee will review all requests for interpretations, revisions, rulings, or appeals to determine which sections of the Manual should be revised (if any). 

Revisions will be prepared by City Staff and approved by the Revision Committee under the guidelines specified in the amendments and updates section of the DCSM (Section 1-210).

Stay Informed About DCSM Revisions

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DCSM Articles Under Review

Article 9 of the DCSM has been revised in conjunction with zoning ordinance revisions to parking and loading requirements. New requirements became effective on July 1, 2016.

Current Revised Articles

The Design and Construction Standards Revision Committee presents its revisions to Industry for Articles 1 and 2 of the Design and Construction Standards Manual. Included in the current revisions are housekeeping updates due to the reorganization of the Department of Community Development and the Department of Public Works. Significant technical revisions include the streamlining of the Final Occupancy Permit Process and the addition of a 2 level Minor Site Plan Process. 

The update to Article 3 (landscaping, fencing, and screening requirements) of the DCSM to implement the first phase of the Zoning Ordinance Update is complete. The revised article can be downloaded here. The requirements are effective October 1, 2015 and all new site plans submitted after November 2, 2015 must comply with the new requirements.