What can you recycle?

The City of Manassas understands that you want to be a good recycler. Many of us grew up with it and being a good environmental steward matters. Let’s work together to make your recycling better than ever.

These are the only items accepted in curbside recycling

what can be recycled
recycling contamination
Recycling Myth #1

Curbside vs. Drop-off Recycling

There are plenty of ways to recycle and curbside recycling is just one of them. 

You can recycle everything from clothing to cars, eyeglasses to iPhones, and metal pipes to paint. Even wire hangers can be recycled - but not in your curbside recycling!

Drop-off recycling offers you a way to reduce the amount of waste that goes into landfill. Check out Earth911 and see what you can recycle and where.

The City of Manassas has scheduled drop-off events for HHW, electronics and shredding from March through November. Here’s a link to the page with more information.

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Recycling Myth #3

Call the Trashline on (703) 257-8252 if you have any recycling questions. 

Recycling Contamination

The National Waste and Recycling Association states that approximately twenty-five percent (25%) of what goes into the recycling container cannot be recycled. Food waste, dirty diapers, clothing, plastic bags, hoses, even kitchen sinks end up in curbside recycling.

Recycling contamination is a serious problem that affects the cost of recyclable materials in the marketplace and through your service fee when the cost of processing rises. 

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Recycling Myth # 2

Recycling is part of our local economy

The recycling industry isn’t just in some faraway place, it’s right here in the City of Manassas. Recycling provides over 270 jobs and over $55 million to our local economy.

Your recycling has a positive impact on the environment too! When you recycle, you simultaneously improve the environment, the economy, sustainable manufacturing and prevent waste from going into oceans.