Tips for Snow Removal


snow tools Prepare for winter by
getting your snow
tools ready early.

Snow-forecast-January-2016-690x450 Listen for information
on weather conditions
and stay prepared.

de-icer Pre-treat driveways, paths and sidewalks before the snow
begins to fall.

clear snow first
  Clear snow from the center of your driveway to the outer edges with
a snow shovel.
boot snow
  Clear snow early and often. It's easier to remove large snowfalls little by little instead of all at once.
stretch before shovelling 
Stretch or perform light exercise for 10 minutes before shoveling snow.
snow_in_street 2
Please do not shovel snow into the street. It poses a danger to vehicles and pedestrians.
 icy sidewalk
All sidewalks must be cleared within 24 (6" or less) 48 hours (6" or more) of snowfall ending. 
 blue snowflake
Stay safe this winter!

If you have questions regarding snow removal in your area, please call:

(703) 257-8347 (during regular business hours)
​ (703) 257-8353 (outside regular business hours)