Setting out your trash

Help keep you neighborhood clean by setting out your trash correctly for collection.
  1. The City of Manassas provides residents with a trash container. You may also use your own hard sided container with a tight fitting lid.
  2. Fill your cart with your household trash in plastic trash bags. Do NOT put your trash bags or raw trash on the street. It draws rodents and poses a threat to your health!
  3. Set your cart out the night before your collection day and pull your cart back after collection. Do not leave your carts in common areas, fire lanes or at the curb.
new trash can.png
no trash.png
The City will NOT collect the following on trash day:
  • Yard Waste
  • Loose Trash
  • Dirt/Sand/Rock/Tile
  • Ashes
  • Electronics
  • Chemicals/Pesticides
Residents can request additional trash carts or use their own private containers for trash collection. Please so not use City recycling containers or private bright blue or green containers for trash.